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I am soooooooo disappointed that in the past two weeks I was not able to complete any of my artworks due to extreme work overload with school (was only sketching here and there). Sometimes I think that they are doing this on purpose to see who would survive all this nonsense. I still do not understand this american education system. But anyway, this is now what I am complaining about xD I WANT TO DRAW! But I do not have much time...This is my complaint. Especially now, when there is a medsurg exam on Thursday and I was not able to prepare for it at all because of clinicals and numerous assignments which were literally due everyday. If those assignments were on paper they would be full of sketches, no doubt xD 
Anyway! After Saturday of this week I finally might have some free time for myself to rest a bit and will work on some artwork of mine. Very excited about it! I do have several of them incomplete which I am slowly working on. Hopefully I will be done with them soon so they won't be hanging in a to-do list.)
Wish me luck to survive this week xD Metal, help me!
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Holy carrots! Today I've discovered that English and Russian languages have the same exact rules about writing dialogues, but instead of writing hyphens there is a use of quotation marks, or speech marks as they are called. Wouldn't be able to figure this out without help of one great person, who literally pointed this out to me today. That is sooo weird! Seriously! Now when I redid all of the dialogues to English writing style of them in the latest part of my story "Weird Sorcery", it looks so wrong to me and...weird haha Well, maybe this is how it is supposed to be - "weird sorcery" chapters with weird dialogues. Will have to add weird pictures now and some weird music...I cannot stop laughing xD
In the end it is a bit sad...because great authors such as Gogol and Chukovsky wrote with hyphens and I have changed those to speech marks...But hey! It is always better to look at everything from a bright side! And the bright side in this case would be that true Russian literature will be untouched by those speech marks x) Even though I was taught to write dialogues with hyphens since I was little, I better keep this habit away from English so that be it was pure. 

PS. What done is done. All of the previous parts, that I've completed prior part 8, will stay the way they are. New parts will have English style dialogues.
Usually I don't get a lot of apps on my phone, only those that I know I am actually going to use. After seeing the notice about Sketch This app, it really catched me because of those daily challenges. I did not try it yet since I've just got the app, but I am sure that it will become one of my daily usable apps because I looove challenges!^0^
Once I am done with my first challenge (which might take a while because I am really busy these days), I am definitely going to post it on my Deviantart page.)
I feel that using this app will be a lot of fun. The only thing that is left to do is to find some time to finish my ongoing pieces of art and begin new ones. I believe I can do it! Just have to increase my skill of drawing faster without loosing the quality.)))

*    *    *

Decided to take the challenge of drawing a boogie man. Well...I was hoping I will not need to draw in the app because that is on a phone and I prefer SAI and Manga studio 5 Ex. 
Overall I like the idea of challenges. But to draw them on my phone in a good quality would be impossible or barely possible. I still would do the challenge, but in a program of my choice.
Looks like I have an unintentional break in my art creation.
Not that I do not have inspiration or mood for drawing...I have all that and it is trying to get out!
But because of my nursing school I am not able to spend at least 30 minutes during the day to trace my sketches over the window when it is sunny (yes, I am doing that in an old-fashion way).
So when I actually have time for drawing, it's is during the evening when dark outside and I just do my sketches.
Have lots of sketches now and they beg me to make their clean copy (feels like my sketches become thicker and thicker so I just have to make a clean copy). 
That is also why my new manga page is still on a piece of paper (Yep, trying a new technique, more traditional than straight digital even because I get tired of starring at the computer screen all day due to homework). 
But no worries! Soon everything will be done and uploaded! Like in a week or two.
It will take this time because I've just ordered a tracing board so I will be able to make a clean copy of my sketches at any time of the day.
I am so excited for this tracing board! Going to be my first one^_^ I am sure that I will love it.)
Also I am still trying to get used to the nursing school. Lots of work to do.
Hopefully I will get better at managing my school work and I will get more time to spend on drawing <3 
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? According to my profile it's been 6 month

  2. What does your username mean? My favorite Japanese name and favorite bird

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Determined, happy, and a dreamer

  4. Are you left or right handed? Right handed

  5. What was your first deviation?  Bday by ShikiOwl

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Traditional gray pencil only 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Lily's art style!

  8. What was your first favourite?  my eyes  is the sky by Emtibiel

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Digital semi-realistic

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Lily <3

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? Mmm...Zetsuai89, definitely!

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Gave me more confidence about my art

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Pencil and paper; Surface pro 3

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My room

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Probably the day when I found Zetsuai89 on here

So here is something new that I started to work on. Was inspired by Neverwinter Online and a dream that I recently had.
At first I was a bit confused on how should I submit this story but then finally figured that out xD Journals for personal and actual story may be considered as a deviation...Probably.) At least that is what I found out while walking around deviantart haha
So the story that was here I moved to there (see attachment to deviation below the text) and here will be just this thing as a small notification of what I started! 
Hopefully this story will come out as I expect it to be. 
Actually I am not the best writer but I will do my best as always! Also this storywriting will be a really good practice for my English hehe x)
Just a small warning. Going to write is as long as I have the idea, time, and, most important, desire (as I feel like writing it). If something will start be missing I will tragically end the story like everyone will die, the end xD But hopefully I will be done before such thing happens so I will wrap it up on a nice note.)
Also I will be creating some art for the story with main characters. Art will not be perfect because it will be a quick hand painted lineart just to show how I see the characters.

Weird Sorcery_Part1
Slash! It was enough to make only one sweeping stroke to threw the head off of the shoulders into a free flight. This kind of magic, which warlock was using, is as dark as a moonless sky. After a long flight head finally fell to the ground but kept rolling as a soccer ball. Warlock made it to toll in circles as if trying to make the head to become dizzy. After drawing several circles head rolled to the feet of warlock and he heartlessly stepped on it as easy as if it was a watermelon. The crack made warlock to smile, but when he realized that his shoe became dirty with some bastard's blood, he spat on the ground and walked to a cooling body of a bandit that was still twitching in agony even though there was no head.
- One more dead chicken, - slightly said warlock to himself with a tone of happiness in his voice. By saying "chicken" he did not mean coward, but a freshly butchered chicken that can keep running without its head for a while. This is a specific type of a corr
  Weird Sorcery_Part2
What is this? A Heaven? So bright...
Sun was already setting down and its final rays were touching the ground as if kissing it goodbye. One of those rays was falling down onto a sleeping blond person. It forced that person to slightly open his eyes.
"I am alive...", young individual thought touching the blond head with fingers. "Hurts...Huh?" 
Suddenly blond realized that there was no more disgusting dirty cloth around the mouth which smelled like rotted meat and whole body was free of ropes. Blond rose sharply from the ground almost in a jump, but instantly lost the balance because of a slight dizziness and fell back down onto the ground.
- Oh, you've finally decided to wake up.
This voice sounded very familiar. Earlier on a main road a warlock had the same exact voice - calm and soft, yet powerful.
"Can it be that..?"
With a wide opened yet still sleepy eyes blond turned around and found a source of sound. Because sun was shining right in
   Weird Sorcery_Part3
Step. Another step. One more...Fall.
-I cannot walk anymore! - yelled Lirian to his companion, who was already about 40 meters ahead.
Mage's legs were extremely sore from almost constant walking that he did in the past 2 days. He could feel how they were buzzing. Lirian never walked that much before and now every new step was killing him. Even his healing abilities could not help with this.
Blond attempted to get up so he can catch up with his companion, but legs were not listening to him, so he just continued to sit on his place and yell. 
- Ddraig, please! I need a break!
Couple moments later warlock was already standing in front of blond young man after floating on a purple cloud with a high speed towards him. 
- We just had a break like 20 minutes ago, - said warlock calmly.
- That was THREE HOURS ago! Ddraig, I am begging you...I can't even get up...Please, Ddraig, let's have a break. Please-please-please-plEAsE-PLEASE!!!!!
As always Lirian wa
   Weird Sorcery_Part4
- Pour me more wine! - yelled Lirian raising his wooden cup. 
Mage was already completely drunk even though he had only 4 full cups of wine. Still, his dark companion did not say a thing to that. It looked like he wanted to see what will happen next. Live movie! Dark elf already found out that when drunk, mage is even more liberated and happy than normally. But somehow it was not annoying at all. It was actually fun. Warlock was trying to hold himself from smiling, but in the end he stopped and let himself to smile as a child from all of that silliness that Lirian was saying and doing.
A crow, black as a moonless night, flew into tavern through the window and landed on warlock's shoulder. It had a letter attached to a foot. This distracted dark elf from observing his silly companion. Warlock brought his hand next to bird so it jumped on a glove and then he'd withdrawn the letter. Once he opened the message eyes started to run as crazy through words on paper. Lirian not
   Weird Sorcery_Part5 (Lirian's POV)
I just can't believe that we've finally reached a safe place! Helcorn is behind now and HOPEFULLY we will not go through it again. I think it was worse than hell. Whole three weeks without a normal sleep and with almost constant use of mana...I am so exhausted...So then why the heck am I not sleeping yet and keep playing with the blood samples? Well, probably because puzzles are so addicting to me. But I am sure that it's also because I am still all stressed out after that nightmare I had to live through. By the way, I was the one who created that nightmare. But it was because of Ddraig! Yet, in truth, I keep blaming only myself. 
That horrible morning 3 weeks ago I was really angry because I used half of my mana to heal the hole in my head that my lovely companion drilled in it. But even after that I still could feel pain and vertigo. It followed me for couple more hours...I am still really mad at him for that. Eating breakfast, walking, and, especially, trying to get o
   Weird Sorcery_Part6
Marketplace. It is always full of life. Merchants are yelling incessantly trying to sell their goods, customers are bargaining to get the best deal for a wanted item, and animals are simply being noisy. For some people such atmosphere is annoying, but some, such as young blond mage, truly enjoy it. Once companions reached the marketplace, Lirian could not stop running around and looking at everything and everyone. He was so excited that forgot about his companion, who was following him unhurriedly. By looking at mage's childish behavior, dark elf inferred that it was the first time ever Lirian got to walk in such populated area after being locked up in the mage's guild. 
After warlock got some food, it did not take a long time for him to spot what he was looking for at the market. A horse. But he did not need just any horse. There was a particular horse that dark elf was looking for...and he has found it. Black and shiny as resin with eyes red as blood. This horse also had sh
   Weird Sorcery_Part7
- My butt will soon fall off! - cried Lirian. - It huuurts... 
Blond was complaining of his pain in whole body since he woke up, which is for at least 2 hours. Warlock knew that chances that Lirian has ridden horse in his past are close to zero, so he could imagine in how much pain he is after such a long ride. But it still does not make an excuse to all of that whining, which will make warlock's ears to bleed soon enough. 
- Oh shut up, you, - said dark elf angrily. 
- No, I won't! I want a break. Where are we going anyway?
- To visit someone.
- Whom? - asked Lirian with extreme curiosity leaning closer to his companion.
- You will see.
A pause hung in the air after those words. Dark elf did not want to tell him more than he should. At least not now, because mage would become overwhelmed. 
Earlier, while Lirian was asleep, warlock received a crow with a message. That message determined Lirian's closest future, which
   Weird Sorcery_Part8
"YES! I did it!!! Wow..."
Lirian was laying on a cold floor and staring at the ceiling in disbelief. Big dark circles were under his eyes and skin was paler than usual. He could not believe that he has finally found a way to cure his companion. Four days have passed since he arrived at this place and all this time he did not sleep or step out of the alchemy lab. The mage did not care about anything but the riddle that was before him. Endless attempts to destroy the spell, which after all was not just a spell but a bit of every possible magical thing, ended up with success thanks to the riches of the lab. This lab was not an everyday alchemy lab. It literally had everything. Lirian thought that Capitol of Magic has the best labs, but it felt like this one was a thousand times better as it contained a lot of forbidden stuff all in one place. The lab also had dark aura because of that, which normally would freak Lirian out, but he did not care anymore about it because he's broken a
   Weird Sorcery_Part9
All pain is gone. Ddraig opened his eyes and looked at the red velvet material that is covering his bed as a roof. Not a single emotion appeared on his face. He knew that he should be at least slightly happy about being alive, but...he felt absolutely nothing...and he did not care about it even a bit. Neither he cared that someone's pretty stinky foot was on his chest. The warlock turned his head to the left to take a look at a person, to whom this foot belongs, and was not surprised at all to what he saw. Right next to him was laying Lirian with his head hanging off of the edge of the bed. His hands were tied in some impossible position under his back and legs just thrown to different sides as if they were boneless. Seeing this picture Ddraig slightly raised his eyebrow wondering how is that even possible. Then pushed blond's foot off of own chest and got up from the bed. Lirian was not even thinking about waking up and simply rolled to his side putting his feet on pillows. Ddraig wat
   Weird Sorcery_Part10
"Who would've thought that I am going to work side by side with darkness..." Lirian thought with disappointment. He did not like wars and hated his role in the plan, but that is what he had to do. He really wanted to help. Help to overthrow the current mage's council and restore the balance. Of course that is not what Prince is fighting for, but it does not matter as long as corruption will be eliminated from all mage's guilds across the country.
Once Lirian and Prince have entered the conference room, which was giant and had a round white table in the middle, the blond started to look for a familiar face among those who were present there with a huge smile. But once he found that face he was looking for, the smile has disappeared. Ddraig was sitting at the most proximal side of the table, but what made Lirian upset were a girl in a light armor right behind the dark elf, who had her arms around his neck, and couple individuals next to him talking and laughing.
"Well, wh
So after I got a new hoodie based on Akatsuki coats, which I love very much, I decided to watch Naruto anime just to find out more about the Akatsuki organization. I started from the very beginning and I can see what a long way to go I have till the end xD Well that is ok, I know that I can handle it. At least I knew the basics even without watching the anime, but I probably had to start to watch it a long time ago when only heard about it for the first time many years ago.
Anyways, while watching the episodes and waiting for Akatsuki to appear, a great idea hit me in the head - to create manga. This manga will show the life in the Akatsuki organization AND a very hard relationship between brothers because they are opposites of each other. Of course there also will be some romance xD To do all that, I have created a new original character whom I named Shiki (yes, really love this name and I believe it matches the character really good). He will be Hidan's brother, about whom Hidan never talked until now! Also all of the Akatsuki are still alive in my manga as you probably understood, including Sasori. I also added Tobi cause I needed him.) 
My friends agreed that it is a great idea and encouraged me on creating this manga. They will also help me with the story to make it more closer to Naruto-style because they have watched all of the episodes in contrast to me. Also, after I provided the description of Shiki, they mentioned that he will be an interesting character. I will try to make all that come true in manga.))
I already have one page of manga and a basic overview of the character which is a good start! Gonna post by page as soon as they are ready. At first probably it will be not the best drawing style because I never really tried to draw actual manga pages, but I am sure that with time after I will draw all of the characters and environment for a while, it will be much-much more better-looking pages. 
Well, good luck to me! I believe that it will be a great (and long haha) manga!)))